Marketing Specialist

Meet Madison Toombs

Madison Toombs is a digital marketing specialist, and the founder of Mad Haus Digital. After working extensively in the world of digital marketing, Madison decided to expand her vision of diversifying brands with social marketing. In 2017 Madison decided to launch Mad Haus Digital, a creative marketing agency specializing in branding, digital marketing, advertisement, and website design. Currently, as a marketing specialist and  B.S Marketing student of Georgia State University, Madison has worked with over 15+ small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits in the metro Atlanta area. With over effective and revenue increasing marketing strategies, Madison has heightened many brand styles, awareness, and sales with her work. Outside of her love for marketing, Madison enjoys giving back to the community, fashion blogging, singing all day long, and walking the belt line in Atlanta with her dog. Mad Haus Digital was created but not limited to help those who want to expand the exposure of their brand or business. 

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